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Builder Center

EAA Chapter 92 has a terrific, large Builder Center hangar at Chino Airport. Hangar A340 is subdivided into smaller spaces for members to build, restore, modify, and maintain airplanes in a stimulating, cooperative environment. Compressed air and electricity are included in the rent, which is the best deal anyone will find in the LA basin.

Contact Brad Rawls for availability and pricing.

Name Brad Rawls

Mailing Address EAA Chapter 92
7000 Merrill Ave, Box 92
Chino, CA 91710





The outside of the EAA 92 Builder Center at hangar A340.













July 2011This last month Charles Coleman suspended his project until September. He moved from his front hangar door position to a smaller space until he returns from his trip. We now have a coveted hangar door space available, along with four others.46.49 KBDownload
June 2011The month of May was a minor turning point for us. We were finally able to acquire and erect a giant sign announcing our Builder Center, and we erected it just in time for the Chino Air Show. The sign has Chapter 92's web address - - -704.30 KBDownload
Mar 2011 UpdateJonathan Schmidt and Lowell Larson upsized their spaces after this February’s meeting. This helps the Chapter by financially inching towards the break-even point. WE NEED A DOGGONE SIGN - - - 13.39 KBDownload
Jan 2011 UpdateWith the Corona Airport floods, the Builder Center saw a December surge in interest, and we actually had reservations that were at our financial break-even point. One new occupant moved into a Chino T-hangar instead, and -- -164.39 KBDownload
Dec 2010 UpdateEAA chapter 92 opened its Builder Center at Chino Airport in October 2010. We have a large hangar sub-divided into areas for builders to work on their projects in a stimulating, cooperative environment - - - -537.29 KBDownload
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